FACES - Fast Airport Clearance Experience System

No matter how much we long to travel again, no one wants to spend more time at the airport. Now with AirAsia’s new facial recognition system, FACES, you can rest assured that that will never be the case again.

With FACES, contactless convenience is guaranteed. A one-time enrollment and verification will ensure a speedy, safe and seamless travel experience; just breeze through your check-in, self-baggage drop and boarding by authenticating your identity with your face.

Enrol here to experience the new way of travelling.

Access FACES for free on

airasia, The Asean Super App

How to access FACES on the airasia app


Open your airasia app.


Go to "FACES" under Account or tap the FACES banner.


Tap "Get Started".

How to enrol with your Passport or National ID


Tap "I'm Ready".


Take a selfie.


Scan your Passport or National ID and allow authentication to complete.


Generate your personalised QR code.

How to get verified at the airport


Present your personalised QR code along with your original Passport or National ID to the airport staff at the Service Desk.


Get verified.


You’re set to travel with FACES.

Note: Each guest only needs a one-time verification for FACES.