FACES - Facial Recognition ID

Welcome to a brand new way of travelling!

FACES is a world-first facial recognition technology developed by AirAsia for guests to access a fully digital and contactless travel experience. FACES brings to you enhanced convenience, safety and security when travelling with AirAsia.

The cutting-edge features of FACES, available on the AirAsia MOVE, identify guests via an instant facial recognition technology. FACES scans, identifies and assists in managing the flight journey where guests can order, book, verify and pay for all of AirAsia’s popular lifestyle offerings directly on the Superapp.

A frontrunner in the airline industry that uses biometrics for identification purposes, FACES is particularly relevant in restoring confidence amongst travellers. As travel starts resuming worldwide, the safety of our guests is of prime importance in mitigating the spread of the Covid-19 virus and other airborne diseases.

The digital and contactless procedure, which includes online check-in anywhere, anytime in the world with a mere click of a button - upon registration - is a definitive gamechanger and a way to restore confidence in air travel.

Switching over to FACES cannot be simpler. Just download the AirAsia MOVE and register for the service directly on your mobile gadget. You will be prompted to take a selfie and upload a picture of your personal identification documents. A personalised QR code will then be generated. Simply present the QR code with your travel documents at the Service Counter at the airport and you are all set to travel.

Enrol now and enjoy the ease and convenience offered by FACES. Not just a facial recognition service for travel, the product is constantly evolving to bring you new and exciting features that will truly take you into the digital age.

Access FACES for free on
AirAsia MOVE

New & Exciting Features Coming Your Way on FACES

Technology is constantly evolving and FACES is preparing a cool list of services and products just for you. Here’s a look at what’s coming your way in the near future.

Easy Pre-flight Check-ins on Mobile Device

You can easily check-in for your flights using FACES, anywhere, anytime! Not only is this a fast and convenient way to start your travel journey with AirAsia, you can also avoid crowds and long queues for check-ins at the airport with this contactless feature.

Speedy Payments & Check-outs

The FACES technology will enable you to make secure online transactions without the need for cash or credit cards. Your payment will be processed faster and will feature added layers of security for safe and convenient transactions.

Self-drop Baggage

Skip those long and frustrating queues for baggage drop at airports with FACES, where you are in total control of your own check-in and baggage drop processes. Also, be assured that you will have minimal contact with airline staff and other passengers as FACES will facilitate a safe, seamless and convenient check-in procedure.

Hassle-free Boarding

FACES will also enable you to board your flight in the shortest possible time by simply scanning your face at the boarding gate. This much-welcomed feature means you can avoid crowds and reduce your waiting time to board the aircraft. Not only is this a safe and contactless procedure, you get to the front of the line and go to your seat in the flight in the fastest and most hassle-free way possible.

How to access FACES on the airasia app


Open your airasia app.


Go to "FACES" under Account or tap the FACES banner.


Tap "Get Started".

How to enrol with your Passport or National ID


Tap "I'm Ready".


Take a selfie.


Scan your Passport or National ID and allow authentication to complete.


Generate your personalised QR code.

How to get verified at the airport


Present your personalised QR code along with your original Passport or National ID to the airport staff at the Service Desk.


Get verified.


You’re set to travel with FACES.

Note: Each guest only needs a one-time verification for FACES.