Damage Redress for AirAsia Guests

  1. Legal Bases: Aviation Business Act 61 and Aviation Business Act Enforcement Regulations 64
  2. Damage Redress in Cases of
    • Failure to transport/delay of transport
    • Unable to board flight due to lack of information about boarding gate, flight number, etc.
    • Failure to deliver pre-booked meal
    • Overbooking flight tickets
    • Loss and/or damage to checked baggage
    • Delayed payment of refund for cancelled flight tickets
    • Impediments to boarding due to failure to install mobility facilities
    • *However, redress is not provided if the damage is due to uncontrollable circumstances, such as meteorological conditions, flight connections, unforeseen maintenance for safe flight operations, natural disasters in the course of airport operations, etc.

  3. Damage Redress Submission Locations
    • AVA: AirAsia Customer Support Page
    • Voicemail: For guests who require additional assistance our Voicemail service is available to accommodate those with disabilities and the elderly. The local Korean number is +82261054284.
  4. Damage Redress Processing Time, Procedure, and Notification
    • Submission of damage redress case through AVA (Submit a complaint or attach the completed ‘Application for Damage Redress for Air Transportation Users’ form via AVA under “Complaint”)
    • Case number provided at the submission of damage redress case through email or verbally
    • Confirm damage redress case submission and inform the progress of case via email address provided by the guest within 14 days of case submission
    • Inform guest via email address provided, in case of any investigation and review of local regulations/law needed
    • Notify guest on resolution when investigation and review is complete via guest’s email
    • Guest may choose file the case to Korea Consumer Agency or related agency, in case of dispute