Swab Antigen and PCR Test Covid-19

Health facilities, location, and special price can be downloaded here.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Payment is paid on the spot
  2. Retrieval of examination results (subject to each health facility’s policy and product):
    A. Swab Antigen estimated 20-30 minutes after examination
    B. PCR estimated 1-2 x 24 hours after examination
  3. Test result validity following each product and standard provided by the health facility (passenger is advised to get confirmation from each health facility)
  4. Guests must ensure that their test results are already available at the PeduliLindungi mobile application prior to departure
  5. If the result is positive, the patient should report their condition to COVID-19 Hotline or doing self quarantine, depending on patient physical condition
  6. PNR code is only able to use once
  7. AirAsia is having the full right to change the Terms & Conditions
  8. All medical practice, results and any procedure will be the responsibility of the Health Facilities partners
  9. Any other Terms & Conditions will be based on the regulations of Indonesian Government
  10. Price and facilities can be changed at anytime, always download the most updated file to get the newest information, or directly contact the health facility