Food Delivery Service for Everyone

With just your smartphone, you can now order a wide variety of meals that can be delivered right to your doorstep, fast and fresh! While Malaysia continues facing challenges from the pandemic, many have shifted to food delivery services as a means of getting their daily meals. airasia food is one such platform on the forefront that offers customers a huge choice of meals from a plethora of cuisines available in the country. When you order food online in KL on the airasia Super App, you can choose from a selection of Chinese, Italian, Indonesian, Thai, French and even Fusion cuisine. And this is only the tip of the iceberg!

Try out Local and Halal Cuisines

With Malaysia being a country with a Muslim majority, it is no surprise that halal food is high demand. Muslims in the country can dine with confidence knowing that the food they are consuming is certified halal when purchased from the airasia Super App. If you want Arabic food, one of the most popular halal food choices in the country, you will be amazed with the assortment of Arabic dishes available. Another popular option is Malay and Western halal food. Malay cuisine has a wonderful combination of flavours - spicy, salty, sweet and sour - and for many, this is the ultimate comfort food. Additionally, many local vendors have also begun selling halal Western dishes like pasta and burgers with a Malaysian twist, making them very popular with the younger urban crowd. So when you have cravings and want to order Arabic, Malay and Western halal food, just head on over to the airasia Super App.

Indulge in Asian, Indian and Western Food

Asia is such a diverse continent and this is evident in the medley of cuisines that it offers. From the robust flavours of Thai curries to the subtle and fresh flavours of Japanese food, this is the rich diversity of Asian food. With a sizeable Indian community in Malaysia, Indian food is no doubt a popular choice with the locals. Nothing beats a crispy dosa with fish curry for breakfast or a hearty lunch of rice, curries and various condiments served on a banana leaf. Western cuisine remains a firm favourite in the country with the likes of burgers, pastas, hot dogs and pizzas being consumed regularly. If you too love the various Asian cuisines, just look up ‘Asian, Indian and Western food delivery near me’ on the airasia Super App and you’ll be presented with a vast selection to satisfy your hunger pangs.

Tasty and Healthy Vegetarian Food Delivered to your Doorstep

These days, people are becoming increasingly conscious about their lifestyle and the food they consume. This has led to many choosing healthy vegetarian or vegan diets. You’ll also now find plenty of plant-based meat and seafood options that imitate the flavour and texture of real meats and seafood without affecting both your and the health of the planet. If you want to sample some of the many vegetarian options available, just look up healthy vegetarian food delivery on the airasia Super App and get it delivered quickly and efficiently to your doorstep.

Satisfy your Sweet Tooth with these Desserts

Those with a sweet tooth know how important a dessert is to complete a meal. Here in Asia, we are blessed with a wide selection of scrumptious local sweets, as well as decadent desserts from the West. All-time local favourites include ais kacang, apam balik, kuih ketayap, cempedak goreng and kuih keria. Another universally favourite dessert is ice cream; we in the tropics cannot attest enough to how much we love this cold, creamy treat. From classic flavours like chocolate and vanilla, ice cream these days have been elevated to new heights with unique flavours like jelly donuts, lemongrass and ginger. Now, getting your dessert fix cannot be simpler. Just check out online dessert and ice cream delivery on the airasia Super App and go crazy with the choices!

Food Delivery Service for some of Malaysia’s Most Popular Restaurants and Cafes

Want your favourite food from some of the most popular restaurants and cafes in Malaysia? Worry no more! They’re all available on airasia food. If you are in Kuala Lumpur, just download the airasia Super App and look for online food delivery service in KL and you are bound to find some of the city’s best restaurants and cafes out there.