bigpay pocket

No cash? No card?
No problem.

Just pay out of pocket

Faster than a swipe and safer than paper.
bigpay pocket is the all-in-one e-wallet for your digital payments on AirAsia MOVE.

A Super Pocket For All
Where you can use Pocket

Powered by pocket

Once activated, bigpay pocket can be used within the entire airasia ecosystem, on and at specific Santan branches.

Put your pocket to work

Here’s how you activate, scan to pay and receive money with pocket.

Select the wallet icon on AirAsia MOVE.

On the activation page, enter your mobile number.

Verify your number with your One-Time Password (OTP).

Enter your personal information.

You’re all set!

Go to pocket on AirAsia MOVE.

Select “Top-Up”.

Select your amount and top-up.

Go to pocket on AirAsia MOVE.

Select "Pay”

Scan the QR code.

Click “Pay” to confirm payment.

Convenience In Your Pocket

Switch to a smarter way to pay and enjoy more than what you paid for.

General FAQs

Find more information on Pocket here