airasia rewards points code Terms and Conditions

airasia rewards points code Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to the redemption and use of Rewards Code ("RC') including Universal Code ("UC") and Unique Code ("UNQC") (collectively referred to as "Code(s)").

The Codes are only valid for redemption of airasia points in the airasia Superapp (iOS and Android).

To enable redemption of a Code, a valid Code must be entered at the relevant Code redemption page in the airasia Superapp.

airasia members can only redeem any Code once and shall not be allowed to double dip.

The Codes are only valid for a limited timeframe and depending on issuance criteria attached to the Codes as stated during issuance of the Codes to airasia members.

BIG reserves the right to cancel or modify the Codes issued, or revoke the use of the Codes for any reason, including due to:

  • suspicious or fraudulent activity related to the issuance or usage of the Codes
  • Codes abuse, including the use of multiple airasia membership accounts or multiple redemption associated with the same Code or group of airasia members; or
  • Codes used in bad faith as determined by BIG

Unless otherwise stated, Codes are only valid for the relevant campaigns attached thereto and are not valid with other promotions or events.

Additional terms and conditions may be specified in relation to specific type of Codes (such as duration, eligibility and value) that will govern the use and redemption of those Codes.

Codes are not exchangeable for cash and can only be redeemed for airasia points.

BIG will not be liable and/or be required to offer replacement Codes, credits, cash or otherwise compensation airasia members for:

  • Discontinued or canceled Codes;
  • Improper use of, or inability to redeem, a Code; or
  • The inability to redeem a Code due to technical issues.

BIG reserves the right to change these terms and conditions or cancel any campaigns or promotions related to the Codes at any time and without notice.