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1. What is an E-Boarding Pass?

The E-Boarding Pass is a paperless boarding pass which allows guest to clear airport security/immigration and board a flight. 

2. Where is an E-Boarding Pass used? 

E-Boarding Pass is used at the following ports: 
  • International flights departing from Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.
  • Domestic flights departing from any station in Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.
  • Domestic flights departing from Manila.

3. When will I receive an E-Boarding Pass?

E-Boarding Pass will be displayed after the check-in process is complete. 

4. With an E-Boarding Pass, do I need to go to a KIOSK to print my boarding pass?

No, that is not required. An E-Boarding Pass allows guest with no checked baggage to proceed “straight to the gate” 

Guest with checked baggage must do a baggage drop at least prior 60 minutes prior to STD. 

5. Is an E-Boarding Pass option available on all smartphones?

Yes it is. Check-in must be performed via the AirAsia app. 

6. There are 5 guests travelling in one booking number, if I check-in using the AirAsia app will we be given an E-Boarding Pass for each guest?

No, E-Boarding Pass is not available for more than one guest in one booking number. 

7. I have a E-Boarding Pass for my flight from Thailand to Singapore, however, my phone battery is low and I now cant display the pass, what should I do?

See our check-in agent at the baggage drop counter and we will print a counter boarding pass. 

8. I have a Fly-Thru booking from Phuket to Sydney; can I get E-Boarding for my flight from HKT to KUL?

No, you will not be issued with E-Boarding Pass for HKT-KUL as this is a Fly-Thru booking and an Australian destination. 

9. I have a prebooked meal, how can I claim my meal onboard?

Please present your E-Boarding Pass to redeem your meal. 

10. I do not have a checked baggage, using my E-Boarding Pass can I go to the airport just before boarding commences?

We advise you to come to airport as soon as possible to avoid any congestion at the security check point. Please note that our boarding gate will close 20 minutes prior to the scheduled time of departure.

Please see the steps below to obtain your E-Boarding Pass from our Mobile App:

Your E-Boarding pass:

Please note that guests departing from Sabah/ Sarawak are required to fill up the E-Boarding Pass Slip which is available at the immigration counter. 
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