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Document Prohibition of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Mobile Devices

1. Why is AirAsia prohibiting Samsung Galaxy Note 7 mobile devices?
AirAsia will no longer allow Samsung Galaxy Note 7 mobile devices on any of our flights due to safety concerns. This follows the recent US Department of Transport's ban on the device and reports of replacement units catching fire.

2. When will this be effective?
The prohibition is effective starting 17 October 2016, 0001h GMT +8.

3. My Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is a replacement device. Can I carry it on board?
Guests are not permitted to carry the Galaxy Note 7 including recalled and replacement devices whether in person, in cabin bags or in check-in baggage. Any guests found with the device will be denied boarding.

4. Does the prohibition apply to all AirAsia flights across all carrier codes?
The prohibition applies to all flights operated by AirAsia Group, comprising AirAsia Malaysia (AK), AirAsia Thailand (FD), AirAsia Indonesia (QZ), AirAsia Philippines (Z2), AirAsia India (I5), Malaysia AirAsia X (D7), Thai AirAsia X (XJ) and Indonesia AirAsia X (XT).

5. Where can I get more information about this?
Guests may approach any ground staff for further information about this new guideline with regard to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 device.
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