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Document How do I make changes to my booking?

You can make the following booking changes on "Manage my Booking"
  1. Flight dates and times; *
  2. Contact details or guests details;
  3. Pre-book or increase checked baggage allowance; *
  4. Pre-book or change in-flight meals; *
  5. Pick-A-Seat or change seat selection; * 
  6. Upgrade class (only applicable to flight numbers beginning with D7)

on the AirAsia website. Please have your Travel Itinerary ready at the start of this process. Please note that any amendments to a confirmed booking will attract a change fee, over and above payments chargeable for new purchases made. You can view these fees here.

Do be aware that these changes may not be allowed for promo fares. Please check the Travel Advice and Terms and Conditions of Carriage in your Travel Itinerary for allowed changes.

*You can also ‘Manage my Booking’ from your mobile via AirAsia Mobile App or mobile.airasia.com under ‘My Bookings’. 
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