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Document How do I find my booking?

How do I find & link a booking in Manage My Booking

If you have made a booking and need to view or make changes to it, you may refer to the guidelines below:

A.      If you are already signed up as a BIG member:

1.       Log in with your email here and proceed to “Manage My Booking”.

2.       Scroll to the bottom of “My Bookings” and click on “View other bookings” to view the other bookings made with your member email address.

3. In the next screen - “BOOKING(S) FOUND”, click on “Link”.

4. Select “OK” when you are prompted with the message below.

5. You will then see “Booking has been linked to your member account” when your booking  has been successfully linked. Next, click on “Manage My Booking” to view your booking list.

6. You will now see the booking appearing on your list. You may choose to “Modify” or “Check-In” from here on.

B.      If you are not a BIG member: Use the same email you entered when you made your booking to register here as a BIG member. Upon successful registration, follow steps “1-6” above.


If you are still unable to find your booking:

Please contact your bank or retrieve an online bank statement to check if any transactions charged, and:

A.      If there are no transactions identified in 45 minutes from the time of your booking, your transaction was not successful and you will need to make a new booking.

B.      If the transaction was  charged, you may have made an error in entering your email address while making your booking. You will need to lodge an online feedback form, or chat with one of our agents here.

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