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Document Can I take a child's car seat or additional postural support onboard the aircraft?

Guests can carry a child's car seat / additional postural support (child restraint device) onboard the aircraft, according to our approved specifications.  An EXTRA SEAT must be purchased for the child restraint device. 

These are the approved specifications for a child restraint device:

  1. The restraint device shall have a proper and well defined shell (e.g. plastic frame) where the under-structure is securely attached showing no signs of damage
  2. It must be designed to carry a child between 6 months and 3 years and up to 18 kilos in body weight
  3. The design of the restraint device should be such that a child may be easily and quickly secured in or removed from
  4. The restraint device shall not be placed at any emergency exit rows and be forward facing
  5. The restraint device ideally shall occupy a window seat position and the accompanying adult shall occupy the seat next to the infant
  6. Only 1 restraint device is allowed to be placed in a row of 3 seats and shall be firmly secured by means of the adult seatbelt on which it rests
  7. The restraint device shall not be installed with the aircraft seatbelt over the child and the device itself
  8. The infant shall be secured in the restraint device with seat back upright during take-off, landing, turbulence and whenever the “Fasten Seatbelt” sign is on
  9. During the safety briefing for priority guests, Flight Attendant should brief the parent/guardian that in the event of an evacuation, only the infant is to be removed
  10. Should a car seat be used for an infant, the adult shall pay for the seat on which the car seat would be placed upon
  11. Booster type child restraint device are NOT permitted for use on AirAsia and AirAsia X aircraft at any time
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