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Document What do I need to know when traveling with an infant?

To make a booking for an infant, please select the number of infants traveling with you while creating your booking at www.airasia.com.

Please ensure your infant is aged between 9 days and less than 24 months (on the date of travel for the departure flight) at time of travel.

An infant is still considered as an INFANT even if he/she reaches the age of 2 years prior to the returning flight providing that the return flight is booked within the same booking as the departure flight. (e.g. KUL - BKI and BKI - KUL in one booking)

The infant will be considered a CHILD if he/she reaches the age of 2 years prior to the return flight if the departure flight and return flight are booked separately. (e.g. KUL - BKI one booking and BKI - KUL in another booking)

An infant fee will be charged for each infant and you can check the fee here. You can also come to our check-in counter to add your infant. You may also add infant at our airport sales counter and at AirAsia sales office.

For flight numbers beginning with D7, we would advice you to pre-boook seats via Pick-A-Seat that comes with a bassinet for ease of traveling with your infant. All infants are only allowed to be accompanied by an adult above 18 years old.

Please take note that due to safety measures, an adult is allowed to travel with one infant only.
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