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Document How much do you charge for Excess Baggage?

You will be charged for excess baggage once you exceed 15kg for domestic or 20kg for international. If you pre-booked your baggage online but check-in with heavier baggage you will also be charged for each additional kilo. The rate varies depending on the airport from which you depart. Please see the rates for excess baggage here.

Excess baggage can only be paid upon check-in at the airport on the day of departure. For health and safety reasons, we will not accept any individual item exceeding 32 kg and with combined dimensions of more than 119cm height, 119cm wide and 81cm in depth. This weight limit does not apply to mobility equipment.

If you are planning to travel with excess baggage, we suggest you arrive at the airport at least 2 hours prior to your scheduled time of departure.
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