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Document Is there a special fare for senior citizens, children, students or infants?

No, we do not provide special fares for senior citizens or students. If you'd like to bring an infant on board one of our flights, you will be subjected to a fixed infant fee as provided for in the fee schedule.

However, for our Philippine guests traveling on DOMESTIC flights in the Philippines, Philippines AirAsia is obligated to offer senior citizens and Persons with Disability a discount of 20%. This is to comply with the Philippine’s CAB Resolution No. 24 (2005) together with the implementing rules and regulations of the Senior Citizen Act. VAT is also waived for senior citizens. In order to verify the eligibility of passengers, the discount is only at sales counters or any ATSC/ Travel Agent/ Ticketing Agent. Eligible passengers must present either the OSCA Senior Citizen ID or NCWDP Transportation Discount Fare Identification Card to qualify for the discount.
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