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Document recently updated How do I make flight change for only one guest in a booking?

To make a flight change (to date or time of flight) for only one of the guests in a booking, you can do so via "Manage My Booking" with the following steps:

   1.Go to Manage My Booking and click on ‘Modify’ for the particular booking you want to add an infant to. 
   2.In the Edit Itinerary column there will be an icon for ‘Split Booking’ – click on that
   3.Select specific guest to divide into new booking (you can only create one new booking at a time)
   4.Agree to the Terms & Conditions and click on ‘Continue’
   5.Review list of ‘Selected Guests to Divide’ and click on ‘Confirm’
   6.Upon successful division, a new booking with a new reference number will be created 

Alternatively, you can visit our nearest sales office/airport sales counters for assistance, or writing in through our Online Feedback Form as we need to separate the bookings. Upon separation of bookings, you can make the desired flight change via Manage My Booking.
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