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Document What if I have other names (alias) or second name, which name should I use for booking?

Your name should be identical to your passport, visa and other travel documents as appropriate identification at check-in, which also meets the entry requirements of the destination
However, you may encounter an error in your booking if you attempt to enter a name in your booking which is different to your AirAsia member profile name, and you have entered your AirAsia BIG member ID. Once you enter your AirAsia BIG member ID, our systems perform a check to make sure your booking name is the same as your AirAsia member profile name.
We advise you to remove your AirAsia BIG member ID and proceed with your booking to ensure you don’t miss out on getting the flight & fare that you want! Subsequently you should go to your AirAsia member profile and amend your name there to reflect your passport or other travel ID documents.
Don’t worry! To ensure you earn points for this flight, after you have amended your name in AirAsia member profile, go to Manage My Booking, click Earn BIG Points and enter your AirAsia BIG member ID.
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