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What is a Hot Seat?
  • Hot Seats are seats located in the forward cabin or with extra legroom.
  • Xpress Boarding is available for guests who booked Hot Seat.
Where are the Hot Seats?
  • For AirAsia (AK) on A320 Aircraft, row 2 – 5 are Hot Seats located at the forward cabin and Hot Seats at row 1, 12, & 14 are Hot Seats with extra legroom. 
  • For AirAsia X (D7), Hot Seats are strategically located at the first row of each zone (except Premium Flatbed)
How to pick the Hot Seat?
Select the Hot Seat at the Pick-A-Seat option when you book a flight or through Manage My Booking.
How much does Hot Seat cost?

Please refer to our Fee & Charges page for more information about our Pick-A-Seat Fee.

Note :
a)   Seats on row 11, 12 & 31 ( A, B, C, D, E, F ) on A320 Aircraft are non-reclinable and located at the emergency exit.

b)   Seats on row 15 ( H, J, K ) 35 ( A, B, C, H, J, K ) on A330 are located at the emergency exit.

For more information about our seat options, click HERE.

Guests seated at the emergency exit row MUST meet the following criteria:

·         Physically and mentally fit to assist crew in an emergency
·         Capable of understanding printed/spoken emergency instructions
·         15 years old and above
·         Not in any stage of pregnancy
·         Not travelling with family/ infants and/or children
·         Did not purchase an extra seat

For safety reason, we reserve the right to assign a new seat onboard if guests do not meet the above criteria.
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