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Document What time do I have to be at the boarding gate?

For flight numbers beginning with AK, FD, PQ & QZ, you must be at the boarding gate at least 30 minutes prior to schedule departure.

For flight number beginning with D7, you must be at the gate at least 90 minutes prior to time of departure.

Please note that our gates close 20 minutes prior to time of departure. You will be denied boarding if you fail to be at the gate 20 minutes prior to time of departure.

Prior to boarding, please ensure you allocate enough time to:
1. perform check in at the airport counters to obtain your boarding pass
2. self check in to obtain boarding pass and baggage drop off, if you have bags to check in
3. present your travel documents for checking, if you are on an international flight
4. perform security screening of your bags to check in, if you have any
5. clear immigration and security for hand-carried baggage

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