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Document On-Time Guarantee (OTG) benefit in Tune Protect Travel AirAsia

How am I entitled for an OTG benefit?
If you have purchased the Tune Protect Travel AirAsia* and when your scheduled flight is delayed by more than 2 hours solely caused by AirAsia.

How do I claim for an OTG benefit? 
1. Kindly visit tuneprotect.com/airasia*, select your departure country, and navigate to the "Claims" section.
Where can I purchase Tune Protect Travel AirAsia? 
1. While you book online at www.airasia.com
2. Via Manage My Booking and Web Check-In
3. AirAsia Mobile Application
4. Our purchase portal
5. Offline at our Sales Counters

For more information, please visit tuneprotect.com/airasia and select your departure country. 

*Tune Protect Travel AirAsia Plan is underwritten by various insurance companies depending on the respective countries where the flights are departing from. Price and benefits offered are subject to the plan purchased. T&C apply.
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