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Document How do I use my credit account?

To utilise your Credit Shell, login with your AirAsia ID via Manage My Booking. The Credit Account tab will automatically appear as an option for payment once you’ve selected your flight. If you’re not an AirAsia member, an ID will be created for you and you will be duly notified.

When you log onto Manage My Booking, go to Home or Book my flights and proceed with your booking. Please click here for a booking tutorial.

Please ensure that you are logged in when making a booking.

When you come to the payment page, please select “credit account” from the payment method type where your available credit account fund will appear as follows:

If the available credit account fund is not enough to pay for the total amount of the new booking, you can pay the difference by other methods of payment e.g. credit card.

In the event the available credit account fund is more that the total amount of the new booking, it can be used for future booking(s) provided it has not expired by then.

You can check your credit shell history by clicking on View my credit summary. A pop-up will appear as follows:

You will be notified of the validity of the Credit Account via email. The amount in the Credit Account is valid for 90 days and if the balance or full amount is not utilised within the 90 days, the amount is forfeited.

Please note that credit shells can not be transferred to a third party.
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