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Document Can I bring my diving equipment?

Yes, you can. Sports Equipment Fee is applicable to Surfboards, Kite Board, Body Board, Wake Board, Snowboards, Bicycles, Scuba, Cricket, Golf and Snow Skiing gears. Any other sporting equipment (that is not stated earlier) is accepted as part of the baggage allowance.

To see the range of fees for sports equipment for domestic and international flights, kindly click on this link and insert the cities involved in your travel journey eg: Kuala Lumpur to Singapore.

The most convenient way to pay would be to pre book Sports Equipment Fee online and save up to 50%. You can pay the sports equipment fee upon check in at the airport counter but it will be more expensive and limited to 15kg.

Since diving equipment has to be checked in, your diving equipment:
  1. Must be packed in a recognized kit bag
  2. Must not weigh more than 32kg per bag. We will refuse carriage if it exceeds 32kg per bag.
  3. Can be packed together with One scuba regulator, tank harness, tank pressure gauge, face mask, fins (pair), dive suit/vest, buoyancy control device (BCD), snorkel, weight belt and cylinder tank.
Please note the acceptance of Diving Equipment based on the above is conditional upon you fulfilling the following:
  1. Diving tank MUST NOT CONTAIN ANY AIR, AND THE TANK VALVE MUST BE FULLY OPENED. Otherwise, it becomes a dangerous and prohibited item.
  2. To adhere to the definition of Diving tank and its contents as provided below.
  3. To adhere to the handling procedure highlighted below.

  1. Diving Tank/Aqualung/Air Tank
  2. This is an aluminum tank made to contain compressed air
  3. It is meant only for leisure diving. It contains air and not oxygen
  4. There is only 1 valve and when turning anti clockwise (pressure gauge reads zero), the valve is open and air escapes and the tank is empty.
  5. If there is a pressure gauge then it should read ZERO or it might also have a temperature gauge, which MUST read below 20 degrees Centigrade or 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

  1. Make sure the O-Ring (a rubber ring like an O on the outside of the valve) is taken out and kept by the guest.
  2. Once the passenger has emptied the tank in the agent’s presence or has confirmed to the above authorized personnel that the tank is empty, the open valve must then be taped and sealed securely, this is to act as verification that the tank was emptied and checked by staff members

Please note that authority from Officer on Duty must be obbtained prior to acceptance of carriage. High intensity diving lamps and normal portable diving lamps (torch lights) which contains rechargeable lead acid batteries, spillable or non-spillable will not be accepted on board our aircraft as check-in nor as hand baggage as it comes under Dangerous Goods Regulation. Also note that without the check-in of a diving tank, the equipment will not be considered as sports equipment and must be checked-in as normal baggage.
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