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Document Will there be charges if I check in at the airport counter for my flight?

A check-in fee of RM10 per guest will be charged for domestic flights (only within Malaysia). There will be no check-in fee for all international flights.

To save time and costs, you may perform web check-in, mobile check-in and kiosk check-in. If you are performing a web check-in, kindly make sure that you are able to print your boarding pass; if you are performing kiosk check-in make sure you have your 6-digit booking reference number ready.

There will be no counter check-in charge for baggage drop when guests have self-check-in.

Counter check-in is free of charge on other airlines. What is the rationale for AirAsia to implement a fee?

This is to promote better efficiency and be cost effective. We will now focus on self- check-in and counter check-in will be chargeable as it is an additional service with added human resources. It will be considered as part of our value added service to our guests.
Counter check-in charges will also be part of ancillary revenue stream. 

What is counter check-in fee?

Counter check-in fee is a service fee that applies to a guest who performs a manual check-in at the airport check-in counter for domestic flights (only within Malaysia). 

Why RM10?

The RM10 charge is based on the calculation of rental and manpower cost needed per day of operations, for one guest per check-in counter. 

Is the fee charged per booking or per guest?

The fee is charged per guest and per check-in basis. 

Does the fee differ for children and adult?

No. Counter check-in fee will be charged at the same rate for every guest checking in at the counter regardless of age. 

I’ve paid for the counter check-in fee but my flight was cancelled, what should I do?

In case of flight cancellation, you are entitled for a full refund or be placed on the next available flight. Guests who are moved to a new flight due to flight reschedule/cancellation, check-in fee will be exempted for recheck-in of the new flight. 

Who are exempted from the counter check-in fee? 

Guest(s) with reduced mobility/special guests 
Recheck-in due to flight retime/reschedule 

Will receipts be issued for the counter check-in fee payment?

Yes. Our ground staff will issue guests with a receipts after payment is made. 

Are there any other options for check-in without paying for the charges?

AirAsia provides FREE, EASY & QUICK services for you to self-check-in. You can check-in from 14 days up to 1 hour before your flight scheduled departure. 

Will I still be charged the counter check-in fee in case of kiosk breakdown?

Yes, as manual check-in procedure at the counter needs to be performed in the event of kiosk breakdown. Guests are strongly encouraged to perform WEB check-in to avoid such incident. 

I am travelling in a group and there are more than 9 passengers under the same PNR, can I perform self-check-in to avoid the counter check-in fee?

Yes, you can do WEB check-in for group booking. 

Can I check-in at the Baggage Drop Counter and pay the counter check-in fee at the Baggage Drop Counter?

No. Baggage Drop Counters are dedicated for guests who have performed self-check-in to shorten their check-in process and to avoid creating long queues at the Baggage Drop Counters. If you wish to check-in at the counters, please proceed to the conventional check-in counters instead. 

I had performed self-check-in, but I forgot to bring my boarding pass with me to the airport. Will I be charged for the printing of my boarding pass at the counter?

Yes. If you request to print your boarding pass at the airport check-in counters, it will be considered as recheck-in. Check-in fee will apply only for domestic flights (within Malaysia).

In case of 2D barcode scanner machines breakdown or I have a problem scanning my 2D barcode using the machine, what should I do? Will I be charged the counter check-in fee to print my boarding pass?

In case of 2D barcode scanner machine breakdown, you may use your 6-digit alphanumeric booking reference number at kiosk to reprint boarding pass. 

Alternatively, you can proceed to the check-in counter to request for a free check-in provided that you present your 2D barcode to the staff at the check-in counter to prove that you have already self-checked-in.

If you have a problem scanning your 2D barcode, kindly look for our ground staff on duty for assistance.


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