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Document Can I bring my bicycle?

Yes, you can. Sports Equipment Fee is applicable to Surfboards, Snowboards, Bicycles, Scuba, Cricket, Golf and Snow Skiing gears. Any other sporting equipment (that is not stated earlier) is accepted as part of the baggage allowance.

To see the range of fees for sports equipment for domestic and international flights, kindly click on this link http://www.airasia.com/my/en/our-fares/fees-and-charges.page? and insert the cities involved in your travel journey eg: Kuala Lumpur to Singapore.

The most convenient way to pay would be to pre book Sports Equipment Fee online and save up to 50%. You can pay the sports equipment fee upon check in at the airport counter but it will be more expensive and limited to 15kg.

Since bicycles have to be checked in, your bicycle:
  1. Must be properly packed in recognised bicycle bag or in a protective box or bag or in plastic wrap. Otherwise, we will refuse carriage.
  2. Should be of the general and standard dimensions
  3. Must adhere to the handling procedure stated below.


One bicycle is accepted as one sport equipment in the following manner:
  1. Handle Bars: The handle bars must be turned in so that they are in alignment with the frame
  2. Pedals: The pedal should either be removed or checked-in this to prevent them causing damage to other bicycles or checked baggage
  3. Gears: The gears should be wrapped to protect them from damage
  4. Tyres: Must be deflated
  5. Mudguards: These can either be removed or again should be protected from damage
  6. Loose items: Any loose items e.g. pump, lights, water bottle and etc. must be securely fastened to the bicycle or removed and checked-in.

Please note that any removed bicycle parts may be carried as cabin baggage if deemed fit by you, provided it meets the hand carry baggage weight and dimensions.
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