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Document What is Self Check-In?

To avoid this charge and long queues at the airport, guests are encouraged to use AirAsia's easy self-check-in options.

A check-in fee of RM10 per guest will be charged for domestic flights (only withim Malaysia). There will be no check-in fee for all international flights.

Please have your booking reference number ready (the 6-digit alphanumeric booking reference code sent to you on your itinerary):

1. Online through our website
Web check-in now!
Online check-in detailed guide.

2. Airport self-check-in kiosks
You can key in the 6-digit alphanumeric booking reference number or scan the rectangular barcode on your itinerary

3. Mobile app or Mobile site check-in
(please check main page of airasia.com for disruption notices)
You will first need to obtain a square 2D barcode via SMS to be used at the mobile scanning devices at the airport to print out your boarding pass

Important Notes:
1. Closing time for self-check in: AirAsia flights from 14 days prior to departure up to 1 hour prior to STD (scheduled time of departure). AirAsiaX flights from 14 days prior to departure up to 4 hours prior to STD.

2. Baggage counter closing time still applies:
If you have baggage to check-in, airport baggage counters close 60 minutes before flight departures for International flights and 45 minutes before flight departure for Domestic flights on 
AirAsia. For AirAsia X flights, baggage counters close 60 minutes 
before flight departures. You will need to perform security scanning and clearance for all check-in baggage.

*Please note that at klia2, for both international and domestic flights, check-in counters will close 60 minutes before the scheduled flight departure time.

3. Boarding gate closing time still applies: After performing self-check in, you must still arrive at the airport early enough to be able to clear immigration and be at your boarding gate early, as the boarding gate will close 20 minutes before flight departure.

4. Not everyone can self check-in:

  • Guests with reduced mobility and those with special needs (please check-in at the counter) 
  • Group bookings of 10 or more guests under one booking number (please check-in online or at the counter)
  • Guests with flights from IKA (Tehran) and HNL (Honolulu)

5. For guest(s) departing for Australia: the self-check-in pass will be printed with a notification “THIS IS NOT A BOARDING PASS”. This pass is not a valid boarding pass, guest(s) must proceed to the Document Check/Baggage Drop-Off Counter for Advance Passenger Processing (APP) approval after which a boarding pass will be issued.

We've prepared some videos for easy guidance!

Self check-in video

Web check-in video

Kiosk check-in video

Mobile check-in video 
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