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Document What language can I use when filling in information on your website?

Please use roman letters and numbers for keying in information on our website. This includes personal information such as name, email address, home address etc and also payment information such as your name on your card, card issuer’s name etc.

Specifically for bank and card information you will need to enter the English name of the bank. We will also accept abbreviation of card issuer/bank name.

For example you may enter:
“ABC” or “Agriculture Bank of China”
“ICBC” or “Industrial and Commercial Bank of China”
“SMBC” or “Sumitomo Mitsui Bank Corporation”

Our systems will not allow you to input any non-roman letters or numbers. If you have any issues with this or have an old  account with such information which you can no longer access please contact our team via live chat, online eform or Twitter.
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