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AirAsia X Quiet Zone

Shhhh… introducing the Quiet Zone for all of our AirAsia X flights, simply because we know that sometimes all you need is some peace and quiet for a more pleasant journey with us.

1. What is Quiet Zone?
  • Quiet Zone is an exclusive seating area between rows 7-14.
  • Only available to guest who are aged 10 years and above.

2. Why pick Quiet Zone?
  • Minimal noise with no disturbances
  • Strategically located behind the Premium cabin from rows 7 – 14 for speedy disembarkation
  • Gentle ambient lighting
  • New! - Early meal service

3. Who is eligible for Quiet Zone?
Guests aged 10 years and above.

4. How to pick a Quiet Zone seat?
Select the pick a seat option in the Quiet Zone when you book a flight, during self check-in or through Manage My Booking.
5. How much does a Quiet Zone seat cost?
A Standard seat will cost MYR69 while a Hot Seat in the Premium Seat will cost MYR169.
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