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Document You can now self-service your recovery options with our Flight Interruption System

Due to commercial reasons we may have the occassional changes to flight schedules and frequencies. If your flights have been affected and if we are activating our Flight Interruption System for that, you will receive an email from our team with a link to the system where you can self-service the options communicated to you from our team.

Please see below for a list of FAQ's on our Flight Interruption System:

1. What is AirAsia’s Flight Interruption System?

We are pleased to launch an application that will allow you to process your flight reduction/cancellation refunds, credit shells and changes with no penalty imposed as a result of changes to schedule by AirAsia.

2. When will I know about interruptions to my flight?

An email will be sent to your registered member email account with a link to the Flight Interruption System.

You should also receive an SMS notification of the flight cancellation, so it is important that you keep your email and phone details up to date in your AirAsia member profile.

3. How do I know what my options are and how do I proceed?

The three options available in FIS are Credit Shell, Refund and Flight Re-accommodation. You will need to confirm which options exactly are applicable to your situation - via the email from our team or the sms. Click on the link given in the email to allow you to access to the System. Take note that the link will no longer valid upon clicking the “Done” button.

The system is very similar to the booking process in airasia.com.

4. When can I start processing my options?

As soon as you receive an email from AirAsia, you may proceed to process the options available.

5. I haven’t received an SMS or email even though I know my flight is being moved or cancelled. What should I do?

Please tweet us at Twitter , chat to us on Live Chat, submit an Online Feedback Form or walk in to our Travel Service Centers, or contact our call centres. You will need to provide your booking reference number and contact details.

6. What if the link does not work?

Try using a different internet browser. If it still doesn’t work, please tweet us at Twitter,  chat to us on Live Chat, submit an Online Feedback Form  or walk in to our Travel Service Centers, or contact our call centres. You will need to provide your booking reference number and contact details.

7. Can I process changes for my group booking in one go?

Yes – if you made a group booking for a few travelers under one PNR, the option you select will apply to all travelers in the group

8. If we made a group booking under one PNR, can we split and then use FIS separately?

No – any changes you make will apply to all travelers in the group. If you need to split the booking and process changes separately, you will need to contact our Pre-Flight Team or Call Centre to process these options for you.

9. Will my pre-booked meals, seats, baggage, entertainment and insurance be retained?

Yes – your meals, baggage, entertainment and insurance options will remain as per usual. You may need to reselect your seat. The system will prompt you to do this. Even if your insurance coverage period has changed, we will still cover you for the revised period based on your new booking, at no extra cost.

10. What happens if there are no more hot seats left?

As per our Terms & Conditions we will try our best to give you a hot seat on your new flight, failing which we will refund you the value of the hot seat.

11. Will I get my initial seat selection?

As per our Terms & Conditions you may not get your initial seat selection as your new flight will have a different assignment.

12. When I am moving my flight, why can’t I get the flight I want?

If you are moving your flight to an earlier or later date, it may need to meet certain time frames, depending on what you have been advised. E.g. it may need to fall within 14 days before or after your original booking date.

Alternatively, it means that our other flights are full. Do try other combinations of dates.

13. Can I change to completely different departure & arrival destinations?

This is not part of our standard service recovery option.

14. What if I want to change my options again?

Once you have clicked on the final “Done” button and can view your New Booking details, you will not be able to change your flight again. The link is valid for one time use only.

15. If I haven’t finished and my session times out, can I go back into FIS?

Yes you can.

16. How long will the credit shell last for?

Please refer to this link for information on credit shells, and click here for how to use it.

17. When will I get my refund?

Please refer to this link.

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