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Document New City Transfer Service to Charming Destinations in Thailand!

1. What is City Transfer?
City Transfer is a new all-in-one travel service where you can book your flights together with land transfers from the airport to some of the famous cities in Thailand.

2. When can I start booking this service?
From 21 November 2013 onwards.

3.  Where can I go to with City Transfer?
The service is  available for Pai, Sukhothai and more to come. Please refer to the table below:
City Flight To: By Van To:
Bangkok >Pai Chiang Mai Pai Bus Station
Bangkok >Sukhothai Phitsanulok Sukhothai Historical Park
4. When does this service start?
Operations will start from 5 December 2013 onwards.

5. How do I book this new service?
Just proceed to book like how you would book our flights; and select the city of your choice and everything will be bundled up as a City Transfer.

For example, if you want to book a direct flight + van transfer to Pai from Bangkok, then you may select Pai. The system will display Chiang Mai (CNX) airport on the next page with transfer options and prices.
Once payment is done, you will notice extra sections that highlight your transfers.

6. What are the schedules?  

Departing from Bangkok Don Mueang Airport

City Flight to: Flight Time By Van to: Road Time
Pai Chiang Mai 0635-0750 Pai Bus Station 0845-1330
Pai Chiang Mai 0735-0850 Pai Bus Station 0945-1430
Sukhothai Phitsanulok 0655-0750 Sukhothai Historical Park 0830-1000
Sukhothai Phitsanulok 1740-1835 Sukhothai Historical Park 1915-2045

Returning to Bangkok Don Mueang Airport
City  By Van from:  Road Time Flight from:  Flight Time
Pai Pai Bus Station 1100-1600 Chiang Mai 1730-1845
Pai Pai Bus Station 1500-2000 Chiang Mai 2130-2245
Sukhothai Sukhothai Historical Park 0600-0720 Phitsanulok 0820-0915
Sukhothai Sukhothai Historical Park 1630-1805 Phitsanulok 1905-2000

7. Must I follow the schedule? What happens if your flight is late?
The flight + van transfer is a seamless service that ensures you arrive at your destination city without troublesome transits. You will not be able to take time out to stop for long periods of time in between each transfer.  The airline reserves the right to fix the schedule of your travel, you may only choose from the travel times available according to your itinerary.

If our flight is late, we will coordinate with the van providers to adjust the time accordingly so that you will still be able to get to your destination.

8. What do I do as soon as I land at my destination airport? Will there be someone to meet me at the arrival hall?
After you have collected your baggage, look for our signs and banners that say ‘CHECK-IN HERE FOR TRANSFER’ (Pai, Sukhothai, etc) as soon as you exit the arrival hall. When returning, guests have to register at the meeting point in each city at least 10 minutes before travel time.

Note: Your itinerary with city transfer details is needed for verification before every transfer.

9. Can I use this service for group bookings as well?
Yes, you can. But you will need to contact our group booking agents or Call Centre for more info.

10. Is this service provided solely by AirAsia or a different provider?
AirAsia is working together with Prempracha Transport, Sukhothai Celadon and other ground travel providers for this service. We have chosen our partners carefully to ensure you receive a consistent and reliable service.

11. Do I have to book baggage and insurance for this?
No, there are no ‘add-on’s’ for this service

12. Do I have to check-in online or at the counter for this service?
For your flights, you can self check-in through our website, mobile app, or airport self check-in kiosks.

For the City Transfer service, you need to check-in at the meeting point at least 10 minutes before departure.

13. What documents do I have to bring? Is there a separate document for this?
You must bring your itinerary and passport (or ID card) with you upon check-in. Your itinerary with city transfer details is needed for verification before every transfer.

14. What happens to my baggage and belongings?
Once you collect them at the arrival airport, you will be responsible for the safety and whereabouts of your baggage throughout the transfer.

15. What if I want to change my options?
You will need to access Manage My Booking where change fees and fare differences apply.

16. What happens if I miss my van transfer?
You may not claim a reimbursement for the transfer costs.

17. Can I transfer my van transfer service to another person?
The tickets are tied to the original individual and cannot be transferred.

18. Who can I contact for more information about travelling to and from the selected city?
If you are in Thailand please contact our Thai Call Centre at 02-515-9999, if you are currently in another country, please:

1.   tweet us at Twitter: twitter.com/askairasia
2.   leave a comment here: www.facebook.com/airasiathailand OR www.facebook.com/airasia
3.   chat to us on Live Chat: http://www.airasia.com/my/en/live-chat.page
4.   submit an Online Feedback Form: http://www.airasia.com/my/en/faqdetailsform.page
5.   contact our other call centres or walk in to our Travel Service Centres, details: http://www.airasia.com/my/en/contact-us/call-centre.page

For information on Pai routes, contact Prempracha Transport 082-8898800 (08.00-21.00 hrs)
For information on Sukhothai routes, contact Sukhothai Celadon 088- 1727894 (08.00-19.00 hrs)

Please have your booking reference number and contact details ready.

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