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Document AirAsia BIG 24-Hour Priority Access Sale

How do I participate in the AirAsia BIG 24-Hour Priority Access Sale?
All AirAsia BIG members are eligible to participate based on the criteria defined by the 24-Hour Priority Access Sale promotion mechanics. Follow AirAsia BIG on Facebook for the latest updates.
How many AirAsia BIG Points do I need to redeem flights during the 24-Hour Priority Access Sale?
Based on the availability and promotional rates, flight redemption may start from as low as 0 AirAsia BIG points. Each member may redeem any flight as long as they have sufficient points for the flight.
Members may also opt for the BIG Points + Cash Option which is available for flight redemption subject to a minimum of 500 AirAsia BIG Points (for one-way) or 1,000 AirAsia BIG Points (for return flights).
How do I redeem flights?
You may redeem flights by visiting www.airasiabig.com and following these steps:
1. Click on 'Redeem' option.
2. Click on the 'Redeem flight' icon to redeem.
3. Log in to search and redeem flights.
For assistance, click the 'AskBIG / Contact Us' option under 'Connect with Us' and submit a webform with your enquiry. You may also refer to the FAQ for more information.
How do I know my flight redemption is successful?
You may refer to the following to check your flight redemption status:
1. The 'Confirmed' status will be displayed on the confirmation page.
2. Your AirAsia BIG points will be deducted from your AirAsia BIG account.
3. The flight itinerary and booking confirmation email will be sent to you by AirAsia as per usual. You may also view the flight itinerary and booking details under 'My Bookings' on AirAsia.com.
What should I do if I don't have enough AirAsia BIG Points for add-ons, for example checked baggage and meal?
1) You may choose to opt for the BIG Points + Cash option to redeem add-ons; or
2) After you have successfully redeemed your flight, you may proceed to buy the add-ons from 'My Bookings' on AirAsia.com.
What should I do when my payment has failed?
You are advised to log into AirAsia.com and do the following steps.
1. Click on 'My Bookings'.
2. Search for your flight / booking.
3. Once your flight details appear, click on modify.
4. Proceed to make your payment by clicking the button ‘Need payment’.
I saw a promotion of only 500 AirAsia BIG Points required for a flight. But why can’t I find this promotional flight when I try to redeem?
Promotional seats are limited and may have been sold out due to overwhelming demand. Stay tuned for upcoming promotions.
Can I pay for my baggage instead of redeeming with AirAsia BIG points for domestic flights (QZ) within Indonesia?
The compulsory 15kg checked baggage for domestic flights within Indonesia can only be redeemed with your AirAsia BIG Points during flight redemption. However, please take note that this charge for all AirAsia Indonesia domestic flights is already calculated into the total flight redemption.

Note: Please ensure you have sufficient AirAsia BIG Points beforehand to redeem domestic flights within Indonesia to avoid disappointment."
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