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Document recently updated Multi-city booking option for AirAsia X - effective 7th August 2014

1. What is multi-city?
Multi-city is a system functionality that enables passengers to book a minimum of two (2) and a maximum of six (6) non-sequential journeys under a single booking (i.e.PNR).  As an example, passengers will be able to book a flight from A to B followed by a flight from C back to A.

2. When can I start booking multi-city?
Multi-city booking is effective from 7th August 2014.

3. What is the maximum number of journey allowed in a multi-city based booking?
Passengers are able to book up to 6 journeys in a single itinerary. Each journey can either be a point-to-point journey or a Fly-Thru (2 segments included)

4. I would like to travel on a multi-city based journey with my friends.  Can I book for them in the same itinerary?
Yes.  A maximum of 9 passengers are allowed in a single itinerary.

5. I have booked and paid for my flight but would now like to add baggage/meals/pick a seat. Can I still add this?
Yes.  You may go to Manage My Booking on www.airasia.com for these add-ons.

6. I would like to change one of my flight dates. How do I do this?
You may go to Manage My Booking on www.airasia.com to change your flight dates. However, the following rules will be applicable:
Passengers will not be able to choose a later date for the first flight as compared to the 2nd and 3rd flight.  Likewise, passengers will not be able to choose an earlier date on the 2nd flight as compared to the 1st flight and/or a later date as compared to the 3rd flight.
In the event that any changes made on the first flight causing an impact on subsequent journey(s), our usual terms & conditions apply and a change fee will be imposed on per pax per segment basis.

7. What are the current restrictions of this multi-city booking?
Below are the restrictions applicable for a multi-city booking:
·         Only available on AirAsia X (D7) flights currently
·         Web check-in is not yet available on Multi-city booking. Passengers must check-in at the airport check-in counter
·         All SSRs are available except for Tune Protect Travel Insurance

8. Do I need to book the same baggage allowance for each of my journey?
You can purchase different baggage allowance for each individual journey unless you have opted for a Fly-Thru journey.  In this case, the baggage allowance for the second leg will be defaulted based on the baggage allowance selected on the first leg of the Fly-Thru journey

9. Do I need to need to go through the immigration check or collect my checked-in baggage upon arriving at the transit point at KUL?
If you are on a self-connecting point to point booking then you will have to land yourself, clear immigration, collect your checked baggage, clear customs and proceed to the check-in counters to check-in for your next flight.
If you are on a Fly-Thru booking, then all you need to do upon arrival in KLIA2 is proceed to the boarding gate of your next flight. If you do not have an onward boarding pass issued at the point of origin kindly proceed to our transfer desk. Your checked baggage will be transferred to the onward flight without you having to clear immigration and customs

10. Do I get any service recovery for a flight delay or cancellation?
Kindly refer to our Terms & Conditions of Carriage for service recovery for Multi Sector bookings on a Fly-Thru sector.
No service recovery will be provided to passengers who have self-connecting using our multi-city point to point booking. This is in line with our Terms and Conditions of Carriage for point to point bookings

11. Can I earn and redeem AirAsia BIG loyalty points with multi-city flights?
No, the redemption is not available for multi-city booking.

12. Is multi-city booking functionality available for all Air Asia & Air Asia X destinations? Why can’t I find any fares for some of my desired destinations?
Multi-city flights are now available on Air Asia X (D7) network only.

13. Will I receive 1 boarding pass for all of my journeys when I check-in for my first flight?
No. Each individual boarding pass will be issued for each journey. For Fly-Thru sectors, most airports will issue two boarding passes when you check-in at your first flight and your baggage will automatically be tagged to your final destination. If you are booked on a point to point booking , you will be required to land in KLIA2, clear immigration, collect your checked baggage, clear customs and proceed to departures to re-check-in for your next sector. We will not be liable if you fail to connect to the next flight due to delays at the point of origin which results in you missing your connection.

14. Are there any additional fee imposed for a multi-city booking?
Except for the convenience fee chargeable for existing Fly-Thru routes, there are no additional fees imposed.

15. What happens when I choose the first flight at a later time as compared to the 2nd and/or 3rd flight?
You will not be able to proceed with your booking and a system generated error message will prompt you to re-select flights that do no overlap
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