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Document I carry controlled drugs and / or medical items for my medication. Can I carry this onboard?

For the carriage of medication in your hand luggage, please bring along with you the prescription to allow security clearance.

The following are allowed on our flights:

a. Mobility aids and devices that have no battery (for example, canes or walking frames) are allowed as Unchecked Baggage.
b. Mobility devices with batteries. 
For further battery information, please see our FAQ page here and see the battery-powered sections.
c. Wheelchair/mobility devices that have no battery are allowed as Unchecked Baggage. If there is more than one wheelchair on the flight, we may have to check your wheelchair in as Checked Baggage and wheelchair service shall be provided until arrival at the destination.
d. CPAP machines and POC are allowed subject to batteries being compliant with the criteria. For further battery information, please see our FAQ page here and see the battery-powered sections.

The following are not allowed on our flights:

a. Passengers who are traveling in a stretcher or an incubator.
b. Passengers who need medical oxygen during the flight.

Passengers with specific requirements requiring special assistance and Passengers with medical conditions/illnesses including those that may require administering or carrying medication/syringes on board are requested to contact us via our live chat or our call center 48 hours before the scheduled flight departure date to make a prior arrangement for the type of special assistance required.

As security screening at airports is outside our control, guests should at all times carry a Doctor's letter confirming your need to carry such item/devices on board the aircraft. 

If you need to bring other medical equipment or devices on board, please contact us at least 48 hours prior to departure via the following channels:
1. Calling our call centers.
2. Dropping us a tweet on Twitter.
3. Chatting to us on Live Chat.
4. Submitting your question via Online Feedback Form.
5. Walk in to our Travel Service Centers.
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