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Document recently updated Are there any additional charges for guests on wheelchairs?

There will be no additional charge should you bring your own wheelchair. Wheelchair/mobility devices that have no battery are allowed as Unchecked Baggage*. 

You may continue to use your mobility device up to the aircraft door/ passenger steps after which it must be given to our staff to be loaded in the cabin or aircraft hold.

Note: For flights to/from US, we may have to load your wheelchair in the aircraft hold if there are more than one wheelchair on the cabin to be stored which will be returned to you upon arrival.  

You may pre-book wheelchair service online. Please refer here for our guide to pre-book Special Needs.

We accept battery operated wheelchairs and mobility devices, but please see our FAQ page here for further information. 

To view the charges for wheelchair assistance, you may refer to our Fees and Charges Schedule.

*Unchecked Baggage means any bag other than Checked Baggage including all items brought by passengers to the aircraft cabin.

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