FLOUR Restaurant

Fei Fan Hotpot

TNR by Sean & Angie

The Chow Kit Kitchen and Bar

Asian, Chicken, Noodles, Non-Halal

Asian, Rice, Fish

Asian, Hotpot, Non-Halal

Asian, Satay, Chicken, Vegetarian

The Fire Grill

The Nature's Fusion


Dabao Restobar

Fusion, Lamb, Steak, Halal

Asian, Chicken Rice, Non Halal

Fusion, Rice, Salad, Halal

Fusion, Burgers. Coffee, Non-Halal


Daawat Restaurant



Dessert, Cakes, Pastries

Asian, Coffee, Meal, Halal

Fusion, Salad, Cakes, Healthy

Asian, Rice, Sushi, Halal

Tokio Restaurant and Bar

Rata Restaurant

Rocket Kitchen

Bonjour Garden Bakery Cafe

Fusion, Pizza, Nasi Lemak, Halal

Fusion, Pasta, Burgers, Halal

Healthy, Poke Bowl

Bakery, Pasta, Healthy

Daddy's & Co

Din Tai Fung

Thyme Out

Imperial Taste

Fusion, Burgers, Meal

Asian, Dim Sum, Noodles

Western, Wraps, Healthy

Asian, Hotpot, Soup, Non-Halal

Isaac Toast & Coffee

Gyutaro Yakiniku

Texas BBQ Barn

Kadei by Manchula

Healthy, Sandwiches, Bundle Sets

Asian, Fish, Chicken, Halal

Asian, Donburi, Yakiniku

Western, Chicken, Lamb, Halal

Nyonya Tingkat Signature 


WOP Pizzeria

Whisk Outpost, 1 Utama

Asian, Nasi Lemak, Apam Balik, Halal

Asian, Rice, Chicken

Western, Pizza, Vegan

Dessert, Coffee, Cakes

Jam & Kaya Cafe

Leia's Brew

Rassasay Food Services


Fusion, Coffee, Cakes

Healthy, Kombucha, Vegan

Asian, Porridge, Rice, Halal

Asian, Noodles, Halal

The Brew Crew

Ginger Roots


7 Village Noodles House

Dessert,  Coffee, Pastries, Halal

Asian, Rice, Meal

Asian, Nasi Lemak,

Non-Halal, Pork, Noodles

Mamas Recipe Venture

Plat Du Jour

The Lankan Crabs

The Sparktula

Asian, Chicken, Fish, Halal

Fusion, Crepes. Pasta, Meal

Asian, Crab, Chicken

Bakery, Snacks, Cakes

Nasi Lemak Royale



Mad Steaks

Fusion, Pizza, Pasta, Healthy

Asian, Rice, Halal

Dessert, Snacks, Halal

Western, Steak, Sandwiches, Halal

Oppa Wingman

Restoran Anwar Maju

Golden Bites

The Roti Gang

Asian, Burgers, Sandwiches, Halal

Asian, Chicken

Asian, Nasi Lemak, Noodles

Dessert, Cakes, Durian, Organic

The Manhattan FISH MARKET

Pizza Bean

Ka-Thee Siam Cafe

Easy Delicacies

Western, Fish

Western, Pizza, Baguette

Asian, Meals, Noodles, Healthy

Non-Halal, Pork, Bundle Sets