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Maggi Curry Instant Noodle 79g x 5



Maggi Curry Instant Noodle 79g x 5
Get a delicious curry dish that is easy to enjoy with MAGGI® Curry
Just two minutes to taste the satisfaction of Malaysians' favorite curry flavors.

The combination of 12 spices that make it an icon of Malaysian cuisine
Cooked for a long time until the oil breaks, inhale all the delicious delights of curry sauce with extra chewy in every sip!

- Bengal Pepper Powder
- Cardamom
- Paprika Powder
- Turmeric
- Cloves
- Coriander
- Halba
- White Cumin
- Nutmeg
- Black Pepper "

How to cook MAGGI® Curry?
Step 1: Boil 2 cups of water (360ml) in a pot
Step 2: Add MAGGI® Curry and seasoning, cook for 2 minutes
Step 3: Stir well, then ready ! Ready to enjoy.


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