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[IMPORTED FROM JAPAN] 270g Japanese Akagi Shokuhin JoShu Akagi Udon Noodles | 日本进口精选乌冬面



❣️Akagi JoShu Udon | 乌冬面 (90g x 3servings) Supple, hand-crafted local udon noodles. Kneaded continuously to release the dense quality and nutrition of Gunma's locally-produced wheat flour, these udon noodles are starchy and fluffy with a satisfying chew. Made 100% from regional ingredients and the fresh spring water that flows through the area, these udon form thick strands that soften and swell, providing an absorbent, robust base to soak up Japanese broths and dipping sauces. Bundled into 3 neat portions for easy boiling, enjoy a toasty curry udon stew or even a chilled tomato udon soup with these nourishing regional noodles. 手工制作的道地乌冬面条。 连续揉捏的力道可以释放Gunma当地生产的小麦粉的稠密品质和营养,这些乌冬面富含淀粉,而且口感柔嫩蓬松。 这些乌冬面 100% 由当地食材和流经该地区的新鲜泉水制成,面条煮水沸腾后也非常容易软化,为吸收汤汁和蘸酱提供坚实的基础。 一袋面条里被分成了3等份便于收藏和享用,加进咖喱炖煮或着单独蘸酱享用都会很美味!


PIHAPI is a Malaysian brand for gourmet snacks. Our product range includes Salted Egg Fish Skin, Salted Egg Spicy Fish Skin, and Sichuan Mala Hot & Spicy Fish Skin. We are using real salted egg yolk to produce our salted egg fish skin snacks consist of zero trans-fat. All our snacks are proudly made in Malaysia.

The name of PIHAPI is derived from BE HAPPY, whereby our objective is to make our lovely customers to be happy always. Our task is to create the GREATEST SNACKS IN THE UNIVERSE and it is our responsibility to make sure our snacks are SERIOUSLY DELICIOUS!!

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