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Japanese Ikari Yakiniku Sauce / 日本烤肉酱 (235g) [IMPORTED FROM JAPAN]



Ikari Yakiniku Barbecue Sauce (Medium Hot) (235g) Ikari烤肉酱(中)(235g) Yakiniku barbecue sauce has a spicy kick but can be enjoyed by the whole family. A perfect match with grilled meat 烤肉酱有辣味,但全家人都可以享用。 与烤肉完美搭配 Ingredients: High fructose corn syrup, Brewed vinegar, Soy sauce, Salt, Apple, Starch, Flavoring, Pineapple, Sesame oil, Onion, Kochujan, Sesame, Oyster extract, Honey seasoning ( Amino acids), caramel color, Thickening (Xanthan gum), Spice extracts, (Flour, Soy included in ingredients) 成分:高果糖玉米糖浆,醋酿造,酱油,盐,苹果,淀粉,调味剂,菠萝,芝麻油,洋葱,高棉姜,芝麻,牡蛎提取物,蜂蜜调味料(氨基酸),焦糖色,增稠(黄原胶) ,香料提取物(面粉,大豆包含在成分中) How To Use Use this sauce as: • A dipping sauce when eating yakiniku grilled meats. • A dressing for fried vegetables. • A way to spice up chahan fried rice. 如何使用 将此酱用作 •在吃烤肉时,蘸上蘸酱。 •油炸蔬菜调味料。 •一种为查汗炒饭加香料的方法。


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