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PLUCKED Curly Kale (200g)



​​Our Curly kale is our most popular variety of kale. It's signature curly leaves are thick and crunchy. ​They do well as salads or in stir fries. Can be juiced as well as blended. They have a nice earthy sweetness.

Our produce is organically grown, which means it's free of any nasty chemicals or pesticides. Harvested no more than a day before delivery, that's real farm fresh goodness at your doorstep.​

The kale is sold in 200g packs and will come wrapped in compostable brown paper.

For further information about how to store and prepare your kale, head on to the links below:
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PLUCKED is the home of the freshest kale in Klang Valley. All our kale is harvested based on orders, so you're ensured the freshest produce from farm to table any time of the week!