AirAsia Credit Card

We offer you a wide choice of credit cards to suit the needs of your incredible lifestyle in difference countries!

The only card the gives you reward points that can redeem AirAsia flights. Sign up for an AirAsia-HSBC credit card today.


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A must-have card!
  • 2X rewards points for every transaction in
  • SMS Alert for AirAsia promotion information and know ahead of everyone else • Travel Assistance with no 3% surcharge in selected travel agents
  • Be the first to enjoy AirAsia promotion tickets. You can also book your tickets earlier than others for promotional programs at
  • Enjoy interesting promo program from HSBC merchants
  • Offers you an easier way for your transactions, only with low interest rate. Please call (021) 5291 4722 for further information
  • Easy payment via ATM Bersama across Indonesia
  • Easy online application on