The new Thai Green Curry is here!

The new Thai Green Curry is here!

Booking Period: 7 April 2017 onwards

Introducing our signature Hot Meal, Thai Green Curry! This fragrant and creamy dish is now available for pre-book and onboard purchase.

Pre-book our combo meals to save more and ensure you get served first! Our combo meal comes with a complimentary carbonated drink, coffee*, or mineral water**

* Coffee is only available for flights exceeding 90 minutes.
** Valid for pre-booked meals only.

Refer to the table below for the prices according to your flights:

Flights Price
FD THB 100
QZ IDR 33,900
I5 INR 189
Z2 PHP 180
D7 MYR 18
XJ THB 150


  1. Price subject to change according to current exchange rates.
  2. Thai Green Curry is available for all flights except I5.
  3. Thai Green Curry will only be available in May for D7 flights.