Up to 50% off* all destinations!

Booking Period: 15 October - 28 October 2018
Travel Period: 15 October 2018 - 30 June 2019

Travel Notes

  • Advance booking required.
  • Discount is available on selected fare classes and non peak periods only.
  • Discount for Premium Flatbed upgrade is 20% off.
  • Promotion is applicable for base fares only and shall not include Value Pack and Premium Flex bundled category, DJ carrier code flights and QZ carried code domestic flights.

What’s the promo all about?

Our promotion allows you to enjoy up to 50% off base fares for all destinations or 20% off Premium Flatbed. It’s that simple!

Simply follow these simple steps to enjoy the discount:

  1. Pick your preferred flight departure & arrival.
  2. Select the dates stated in the promo travel period.
  3. Choose your preferred flight.
  4. Enjoy up to 50% off your base fare or 20% off Premium Flatbed!
  5. You’re done!