AirAsia Leading Effort To Reduce Cost Of Travelling

Sepang, 21 December 2011

AirAsia is abolishing the counter check-in fees for all international flights throughout its route network. All bookings made on 22 December onwards will be exempted from the RM10 per passenger for counter check-in.

The counter check-in fee was introduced by AirAsia recently in September, where guests are charged RM10 per passenger for counter check-in instead of utilizing the free-of-charge self check-in options available via web, mobile or kiosks.

International guests who have pre-paid the counter check-in fees from 21st September till 21st December 2011 may obtain a credit shell by contacting customer care via the e-form.

The check-in fee will remain for domestic flights.

AirAsia Group Chief Executive Officer, Tan Sri Tony Fernandes says, “AirAsia will no longer charge the RM10 counter check-in fees for all our guests departing on international flights. This move is part of our continuous effort to reduce the cost of traveling for all our guests, especially with the recent hike of passenger service charge for international travellers. With the abolishment of counter check-in fees for international destinations, guests can now go directly to the check-in counters for check-in. We will also continue to improve & innovate our check-in services”

“Of course, the self check-in options will still be made available for international flights to further enhance the travel experience and avoid congestions or long queues at the counters. We would still encourage all our guests to conduct self check-in, especially those without any check-in baggage, as well as guests traveling to domestic destinations.” he added.

AirAsia has also recently reduced the processing fee for the usage of charge cards during flight booking from RM8 per guest per sector to only RM5 per guest per sector. Direct debit transaction remains FREE of charge with seven of our bank partners+ in Malaysia.

“As a passionate low cost travel loyalist, we always listen to our guests’ needs for lower fares and fees. We will continue to review our ancillary prices and do our best to provide lowest fares, innovative products and services.” said Tony Fernandes.

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