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1. Live Chat is designed to assist you with queries you may have with regards to your confirmed booking(s) and any products and services of both AirAsia & AirAsiaX.
2. This channel is on live mode as you will be chatting with our dedicated and friendly Customer Care Officers. Therefore, you must refrain from using profanity & foul languages at all times.
3. Due to its simple nature, Live Chat is unable to assist you on enquiry that requires investigation. In such circumstances, it’d best for you to send us an e-Form
4. Live Chat never intended to be a purchasing channel and hence, is unable to assist you to make in-flight services purchase, flight change or update payment via Live Chat. If you wish to proceed with these functions, please proceed to Manage My Booking.
5. Live Chat is unable to assist you with name change on confirmed booking. For such query, please contact our Call Centre
6. Please be mindful not to share your FULL credit card details or other potentially sensitive personal information when using Live Chat.
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