Xpress Track for Premium Flatbed & Premium Flex guests

More convenience when you land! We are now offering Xpress Track*, which is a dedicated Immigration counter especially for our Premium Flatbed & Premium Flex guests. This service is available from 15th June 2015.

This dedicated counter would allow clearance at the Immigration.

Just follow these steps:
  1. Retain your boarding pass when you depart or arrive
  2. Proceed to the Immigration counter (counter numbers are shown below)
  3. Present your boarding pass and relevant documents at the counter
  4. Get your documents checked and you’re good to go!

Xpress Track counter numbers

Airport Xpress Track Counter at Arrival Hall Xpress Track Counter at Departure Hall Eligible for
klia2 (KUL) NA International Flight: Counter 32 Premium Flex and Premium Flatbed Guests
Kuching (KCH) International Flight: Counter 12
Domestic Flight: Counter 9
International Flight: Counter 10
Domestic Flight: Counter 5
Premium Flex Guests
Kota Kinabalu (BKI)
International Flight: Counter 10
Domestic Flight: Counter 1
International Flight: Counter 2
Domestic Flight: Counter 8
Premium Flex Guests

*Xpress Track refers to the name of the service and it does not imply faster security check process.