BIG Loyalty

AirAsia BIG is AirAsia’s loyalty programme, and a BIG Member is what you are when you sign up with AirAsia BIG.

As a BIG Member, you get to earn BIG Member with every flight booking and in return, redeem more flights with those points absolutely FREE!

Signing up as BIG Member is simple! With its card-less programme, you will be assigned a BIG ID once your online registration is complete so that you can start earning and redeeming your flights straight away.

BIG tip: You can also print your BIG Card at!

You can now make and keep track of your AirAsia bookings, and enjoy your benefits with AirAsia BIG—all with a single sign-on. Just log in with your registered BIG Member email address and password to access all AirAsia and AirAsia BIG sites. Voila!

BIG Earnings

Here’s how much BIG Member you can earn as you go along:

Item BIG Member conversion
Flights only (base fare) Every MYR 2 = 1 BIG Member
Flights with at least one add-on (meals, baggage, etc.) Every MYR 2 = 1 BIG Member
Flights with Premium Flatbed 
Every MYR 1 = 1 BIG Member
Flights with Premium Flex Every MYR 1 = 3 BIG Member*

Fast track your BIG Member earning when you spend with over 100 BIG Loyalty Partner across Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines. Click here for our list of partners.

* Not applicable to D7 flights. Guests on D7 flights will earn RM1 = 1 AirAsia BIG Point.

BIG Redemptions

Redeem your BIG Member online for FREE flights and hotel stays. Start redeeming here.

BIG tip: You can also use your BIG Member to redeem for your seats, meals, insurance and baggage during your flight redemption.

A BIG member like you should not have to worry about insufficient BIG Member too! With a minimum of 500 BIG Member, our BIG Member + Cash Redemption option allows for cash top-ups when you are just a few points short of a BIG redemption.

Not enough BIG Member to redeem? With a minimum of 500 BIG Member, you can opt for our BIG Member+ Cash redemption for cash top-ups whenever you’re short of BIG Member.

To establish your cash-point ratio, adjust the slider on the payment page of ‘Review & Redeem’ to determine the cash-BIG Member ratio of your choice.

BIG Transfers & Conversions

At AirAsia BIG, we believe that sharing is caring. Transfer your BIG Member to your family and friends who are already BIG members—the more, the merrier!

If you love transfers, you‘ll appreciate conversions just as much. Convert your BIG Member to our partner‘s reward points to do more with your BIG Member.

Log in to your account now to convert and transfer your BIG Member.

BIG Fixed Points

AirAsia BIG’s all-new BIG FIXED POINTS is a simple, fast and convenient feature that enables you to check the value of your BIG Member and where it can fly you. You can then redeem fixed-points travels across available AirAsia destinations, all via online redemption.

Flight redemptions start from just 4,500 BIG Member, and our BIG Fixed Points for each route offered is determined by its flight hours. See our full destination list here and start exploring the world.

The BIG Family

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Sign up now as a BIG Member for FREE to start earning points and fly free with AirAsia!

Our BIG Member portal and registration are available in 11 languages, so we welcome all into our BIG family!