AirAsia launches Fly-Thru service from Tiruchi & Kolkata to Singapore

Chennai, 26 June 2013

AirAsia, the world’s best low cost carrier for five consecutive years announced its new Fly-Thru service from Kolkata & Tiruchi to Singapore, effective 25th June 2013. AirAsia guests will be able to connect to their onward AirAsia flight to Singapore conveniently through Kuala Lumpur, providing them with a hassle-free travel experience.

The Fly-Thru service is an added convenience factor as guests no longer need to go through immigration, collect their baggage, re-check-in for their onward flight or obtain a transit visa as they will be able to transfer seamlessly through the Fly-Thru transfer hall in LCC Terminal, Kuala Lumpur; where they will be issued a second boarding pass while their bags will be checked-through directly to Singapore.

There is also an incentive of a free move to AirAsia’s next available flight to Singapore in the event of any late arrivals into Kuala Lumpur from Kolkata or Tiruchi through the Fly-Thru service.

Guests are encouraged to pre-book their check-in baggage allocation online along with their flight bookings as they are able to save up to 66% as compared to checking-in their bags over the airport counter.

Apart from that, guests are also able to pre-book their in-flight meals with a wide variety of hot meals available on board with an option to book up to two meals for each guest. Check-in baggage allocation, in-flight meals, Pick-A-Seat, travel insurance and more are all available online and guests are able to add or make changes to their booking very simply through ‘Manage My Booking’. 

For more updates on AirAsia’s latest innovations, as well as promotions, activities and contests, connect with them via (www.facebook/AirAsiaIndia).

Tiruchi- Singapore
Sector Flight Arrive Kuala Lumpur Connection time Sector Flight Depart Kuala Lumpur
Tiruchi – Kuala Lumpur AK1232 3:55 PM 3:00 Kuala Lumpur - Singapore AK1819 6:55 PM
Tiruchi – Kuala Lumpur AK1232 3:55 PM 3:55 Kuala Lumpur - Singapore AK1821 7:50 PM
Tiruchi – Kuala Lumpur AK1232 3:55 PM 5:30 Kuala Lumpur - Singapore AK1823 9:25 PM


Kolkata -Singapore
Sector Flight Arrive Kuala Lumpur Connection time Sector Flight Depart Kuala Lumpur
Kolkata – Kuala Lumpur AK1242 12:15 AM 5:55 Kuala Lumpur - Singapore AK1801 6:10 AM