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Book Air Tickets to Jakarta with AirAsia - Cheap Airfare to Jakarta starts from Rp 300,000
Departing Arriving All-in-fare from  
From Johor Bahru to Jakarta RM 259.00 Book now
From Penang to Jakarta RM 333.00 Book now
From Kuala Lumpur to Jakarta RM 199.00 Book now
From Bangkok – Don Mueang to Jakarta THB 5,050 Book now
From Phuket to Jakarta THB 3,540 Book now
From Bali to Jakarta Rp 429,000 Book now
From Medan to Jakarta Rp 599,000 Book now
From Kota Kinabalu to Jakarta RM 273.00 Book now
From Ho Chi Minh City to Jakarta USD 132 Book now
From Makassar to Jakarta Rp 637,000 Book now
From Singapore to Jakarta SGD 93.00 Book now
From Semarang to Jakarta Rp 300,000 Book now
From Surabaya to Jakarta Rp 330,000 Book now
From Yogyakarta to Jakarta Rp 300,000 Book now
FLY-THRU (Connecting Flights)
Departing All-in-fare from  
From Beijing ► via Kuala Lumpur ► to Jakarta CNY 1769.00 Book now
From Busan ► via Kuala Lumpur ► to Jakarta KRW 345,900 Book now
From Chengdu ► via Kuala Lumpur ► to Jakarta CNY 1769.00 Book now
From Gold Coast ► via Kuala Lumpur ► to Jakarta AU$ 409.00 Book now
From Shanghai ► via Kuala Lumpur ► to Jakarta CNY 1919.00 Book now
From Sydney ► via Kuala Lumpur ► to Jakarta AU$ 429.00 Book now
From Hangzhou ► via Kuala Lumpur ► to Jakarta CNY 1769.00 Book now
From Melbourne ► via Kuala Lumpur ► to Jakarta AU$ 409.00 Book now
From Seoul ► via Kuala Lumpur ► to Jakarta KRW 348,900 Book now
From Osaka - Kansai ► via Kuala Lumpur ► to Jakarta JPY 26900 Book now
From Taipei ► via Kuala Lumpur ► to Jakarta TWD 6990.00 Book now
From Tokyo - Haneda ► via Kuala Lumpur ► to Jakarta JPY 28900 Book now
From Perth ► via Kuala Lumpur ► to Jakarta AU$ 389.00 Book now

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"Big Durian" sums it all for the happening Jakarta--the quickening rhythms, the hustle and bustle, and the kaleidoscope of colours. Go beyond Monas (the national monument) to find the eclectic mix of the great metropolitan lifestyle blends seamlessly with the latest fashion trends and its churning economy. Towards the calmer side of the city is the wonderfully preserved Betawi culture as seen in Setu Babakan. Buildings such as Istiqlal Mosque and Jakarta Cathedral show the city’s religious side. A visit to Taman Mini Indonesia Indah will give you a glimpse of the diverse culture from different parts of the largest archipelago in the world. Go to Kota Tua to see how Batavia looked like in colonial times and order some delicious Kerak Telor (sticky rice omelette) from one of the street vendors. A quick getaway to Thousand Islands (Pulau Seribu) promises fun with sea and sand as the scent of excitement lingers in the warm tropical breeze. While glitzy malls are abound, nothing beats bargaining your way through Mangga Dua or Tanah Abang. Club-hopping from Blok M to Kemang will convince anyone that Jakarta has one of the most vibrant nightlife in Asia!

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