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Book Air Tickets to Penang with AirAsia - Cheap Airfare to Penang starts from RM74
Departing Arriving All-in-fare from  
From Singapore to Penang SGD 85.00 Book now
From Kuala Lumpur to Penang RM 84.00 Book now
From Bandung to Penang Rp 673,000 Book now
From Bangkok – Don Mueang to Penang THB 2,550 Book now
From Kota Kinabalu to Penang RM 184.00 Book now
From Kuching to Penang RM 154.00 Book now
From Johor Bahru to Penang RM 124.00 Book now
From Langkawi to Penang RM 74.00 Book now
From Jakarta to Penang Rp 713,000 Book now
From Hong Kong to Penang HKD 874.00 Book now
From Medan to Penang Rp 307,000 Book now
FLY-THRU (Connecting Flights)
Departing All-in-fare from  
From Perth ► via Kuala Lumpur ► to Penang AU$ 339.00 Book now
From Tokyo - Haneda ► via Kuala Lumpur ► to Penang JPY 23900 Book now
From Shanghai ► via Kuala Lumpur ► to Penang CNY 1609.00 Book now
From Seoul ► via Kuala Lumpur ► to Penang KRW 297,900 Book now
From Taipei ► via Kuala Lumpur ► to Penang TWD 5490.00 Book now
From Beijing ► via Kuala Lumpur ► to Penang CNY 1459.00 Book now
From Gold Coast ► via Kuala Lumpur ► to Penang AU$ 359.00 Book now
From Melbourne ► via Kuala Lumpur ► to Penang AU$ 359.00 Book now
From Hangzhou ► via Kuala Lumpur ► to Penang CNY 1459.00 Book now
From Osaka - Kansai ► via Kuala Lumpur ► to Penang JPY 21900 Book now
From Busan ► via Kuala Lumpur ► to Penang KRW 291,900 Book now
From Sydney ► via Kuala Lumpur ► to Penang AU$ 369.00 Book now
From Chengdu ► via Kuala Lumpur ► to Penang CNY 1459.00 Book now

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Gourmets and gourmands rejoice! The ‘Pearl of the Orient’ is a thriving melting pot of a city where everyone is a certified foodie. You’ll be spoilt for choice with the myriad of stalls in Gurney Drive, the colourful assortment of the Tropical Fruit Farm, up to the plentitude of food courts in Batu Feringghi. Rich culture and traditions give rise to lingering scents of irresistible food such as Assam Laksa, Prawn Mee, Char Kuay Teow, and Pasembur from all corners of Malaysia, whilst the island’s heritage is proudly preserved without resisting the flood of modernity as seen on the streets of Georgetown. What do you need for your pilgrimage to this food mecca? Just comfortable shoes and a large pack of indigestion relief.

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