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Process and Payment of WPUA Commission

  1. The formulation of commission calculation will be provided by the Finance Division of the Government Business Development Department and emailed to the Travel Agency every subsequent month.
  2. Upon receipt of the formulation, the Travel Agency needs to prepare a summary of 'Tax Invoice' and submit it to the Finance Division of the Government Business Development Department at email address for payment processing purposes.
  3. The eligible incentive amount will be credited into the Travel Agency’s Bank Account within 60 days after the Tax Invoice is received on a monthly basis.
  4. All the commission calculations provided by AirAsia will be considered as final.
  5. In the event of any dispute arising in connection with the calculation of the prescribed commission, AirAsia shall re-evaluate the calculation based on the written evidence in the form of a claim from the Travel Agencies and coordination will take 60 days from the time the written evidence is received.

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Government Travel Agent

AirAsia is one of the official airlines that enables officials of the Malaysian Federal Government to travel around our domestic and international routes by using Waran Perjalanan Udara Awam (WPUA) for duty travel.

To all the appointed travel agents that services the Federal government ministries/departments, register your agency and email below for enquiries. Being the appointed AirAsia government travel agents, you will be provided with commission and great benefits such as credit terms and flexibilities. 

Please allow us to process your registration within 30 working day after submission. 


Government Business Development & Charter

AirAsia Berhad
Fax no: (603) 87751690
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WPUA reservations and flight schedule changes

Phone: (603) 8660 0007
Fax: (603) 8775 1796

AirAsia's Freedom Flyer Programme

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