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From Bangkok – Don Mueang to Beijing THB 7,590 Book now
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From Kuala Lumpur ► to Beijing RM 469.00 - Book now
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From Penang ► via Kuala Lumpur ► to Beijing RM 609.00 Book now
From Singapore ► via Kuala Lumpur ► to Beijing SGD 249.00 Book now
From Surabaya ► via Kuala Lumpur ► to Beijing Rp 2,249,000 Book now
From Kuching ► via Kuala Lumpur ► to Beijing RM 659.00 Book now
From Jakarta ► via Kuala Lumpur ► to Beijing Rp 2,099,000 Book now
From Langkawi ► via Kuala Lumpur ► to Beijing RM 639.00 Book now
From Phuket ► via Kuala Lumpur ► to Beijing THB 7,290 Book now
From Bali ► via Kuala Lumpur ► to Beijing Rp 2,359,000 Book now
From Kota Kinabalu ► via Kuala Lumpur ► to Beijing RM 659.00 Book now
From Krabi ► via Kuala Lumpur ► to Beijing THB 7,090 Book now
From Melbourne ► via Kuala Lumpur ► to Beijing AU$ 509.00 Book now
From Gold Coast ► via Kuala Lumpur ► to Beijing AU$ 509.00 Book now

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The cultural, political, and educational centre of China is the epicenter of impressive architectures, yet a testament to its rich art and heritage. Nearly everything in Beijing is massive, so make sure you have sturdy footwear and lots of energy to match. Start in the heart of the city at historic Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City. Take in the treasures of the gargantuan National Museum of China, and make time for Lama Temple, Drum and Bell Towers, Temple of Heaven and Beihai Park. Head out of the city to climb the Great Wall, visit the Ming Tombs, and stroll through the Summer Palace. Tour the 2008 Summer Olympic sites such as the Bird’s Nest (National Stadium) and Water Cube (National Aquatics Centre). Think small with a stop in one of the city’s last traditional villages and lanes (hutong), and get a glimpse of Chinese contemporary art at the 798 Arts District. Beijing lends its old name Peking to the delicious roast duck and Chinese opera, so this is the best place to have a serving of both. Go shopping at Wangfujing, where good bargains can be had for those who know true value. It’s impossible to run out of things to see and do, but a pot of tea will always be ready when your legs need some rest.

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