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Sell More, Earn More as an Airasia food Online Restaurant.

Make your catering or restaurant business more profitable by becoming a food merchant Malaysia. The pandemic recently has created a new way of dining and the public has embraced this concept of online order when it comes to buying food and drinks. Gone are the days of driving out to dine.

Nowadays, all the customer needs to do is to pick up his smartphone and order his favourite meal from an online restaurant. Within minutes, the food will arrive at his address - fresh and fast! Become an online food delivery merchant and see your business take-off. It is that simple!

Why you should Sign Up as an airasia food Merchant Malaysia.

Joining an online food delivery merchant has many benefits.

Reach Out to a Bigger Audience.

You will become a member of a large community of restaurant partners who want to access a wider customer base with online sales. Reach a larger audience with wider visibility on the food ordering platform.

Establish an Online Store

An online store helps you get started selling your products while you work your way up to eventually establish your own brand and physical store.

Enjoy Delivery Service

By partnering with an online food ordering platform, you will enjoy the convenience of a delivery service. The platform will arrange for the delivery service for you at a minimum price.

Data Tracking

Joining as a restaurant partner helps you understand what works best for you as a merchant. You will then be able to manage your time, your merchandise, your accounts and customer service better.

Increase Your Income

Becoming an online food restaurant business partner can help you achieve your financial targets faster. You will be able to make better sales from existing, returning and new customers. This will see your profits increase.

Join the Best, Ignore the Rest

Becoming a restaurant partner in the online ordering industry does come with some uncertainties. Many such platforms do not reveal the challenges when business partners sign up food delivery merchants. These often result in poor sales and the eventual drop out of the restaurant partner on many online ordering platforms.

One of the main issues faced by new and existing food merchants is the difficulty to reach out to new customers and to retain existing ones. The online platforms do not offer enough incentives like better discounts or faster food delivery to maintain customer loyalty.

Perhaps the biggest flaw with such business partnering is the lack of a complete and comprehensive online ordering system. Many restaurant businesses register food delivery services with such platforms but find it difficult to negotiate the contract, the ordering process and fulfillment of customers’ bookings. These platforms simply do not have a business model that is both friendly to the customers and the food delivery merchants.

Smaller businesses too often cannot compete with the big industry giants that take a large chunk of the revenue, leaving the food merchants with smaller amounts of profit. But online food sales is the way to go to help you grow your business in this highly competitive industry. You just need to find the right partner to work together.

Why you should Sign Up as an airasia food Merchant Malaysia?

Joining airasia food as a food delivery merchant has many benefits.

  • airasia food charges the lowest commission rate for its online order transactions.
  • no set up fees and you will be on board the merchant food business in just 5 working days.
  • The airasia super App has a very large potential customer base eager to purchase the food you are offering.
  • You can also communicate directly with your customers on the super app to understand their purchasing patterns, likes and dislikes.
  • build a solid customer database, creating personalised interactions for all future purchases.
  • Customers who buy from you on airasia food will also earn airasia Points with can be used to redeem flight and other airasia products. It is a great way to retain customers who will return for repeat orders at your online restaurant.

Airasia Food Merchant Registration Process

The process to get on board airasia food as an airasia merchant partner is simple and hassle-free. Here’s a quick rundown on the airasia food merchant sign up process. Once you have decided to open a restaurant with airasia, simply visit the website and sign up. Upon confirmation of joining, the airasia food team will reach out to assist you with account registration and store creation process. You can provide details such as store information, menu information and other supporting documents.

From this point, if documentation is in order, your account will be approved as early as 2 working days. The airasia food will next assist in setting up your store and menu within 3 working days. And that’s it. You are now set to start selling your online food business with airasia food.

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Airasia Food Merchant's Partner

From big F&B business to small restaurant partners, airasia food has over 5,000 F&B business partners in Malaysia alone. airasia food’s expansion in Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia. Some of our happy airasia food partners in Malaysia include

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How to increase online restaurant sales?

You can increase your online sales by offering signature packages of the food, refreshing your menu with new additions and ensuring you have a social media presence like Twitter and Instagram accounts. Most importantly, partner with an established and trusted delivery partner like airasia food.

How to start an online restaurant business?

Offer a menu for a niche market or with signature dishes. Do basic research on your customers likes and dislikes, prepare a business plan taking into consideration finances, inventory, advertising and targeted profit within a given period. Contact airasia food who will guide you to set up a delivery partner programme.

How to register for food delivery?

Upon confirmation of joining, the food delivery platform team will reach out to assist you with account registration and store creation process. You can provide details such as store information, menu information and other supporting documents.

How to choose the right restaurant partner?

Sign up with a partner that offers you a full and comprehensive partner package. Look at the support service, the delivery charges per kilometre, the commission rate and the quality of delivery service. Most importantly, look at the overall customer base the platform can offer.

What do I need to become an airasia Food merchant partner?

You need to own / operate a food business or restaurant with a valid business license and a bank account to start the registration process with airasia Food.

Is it possible to register my restaurant if I don’t have an actual shopfront?

You can still become a merchant partner with airasia food even if you do not have a physical store or restaurant. You can operate from your home or from a ghost kitchen and still become a merchant partner. All you need to provide is valid utility bills like water or electricity bills as proof.

How do I get the orders from the customer?

Get better sales by having a social media presence like Twitter and Instagram accounts. Encourage your potential customers to order from airasia Food by posting the order link on your social media platforms.

What makes airasia different from others?

When you sign up as a food merchant with airasia Food, you will enjoy the low commission rate of only 20%. Also, there is no registration or set up fees levied on your participation. Your business can start operating real fast and you can tap into airasia’s huge database of members immediately

How do I register with airasia Food?

Once you sign up with airasia Food, our managers will reach out to you and assist you with the end-to and registration process. This will include obtaining the relevant documents for the registration such as business information, your business and personal details, bank account details, and, store and merchandise information.

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